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Classification of drying chambers

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Curing (drying) is one of the three main processes of coating production line in industrial production. This is an important process of coating production. The equipment used (drying chamber) is an important equipment of coating production line in industrial production. Therefore, whether the curing method and alizarin response are effective, and whether the drying standard specification is appropriate will directly affect the coating quality and coating cost. In addition, the greenhouse effect and energy-saving resources on the earth have become a problem related to human survival. The high temperature of drying chamber continues to cause the deterioration of operating environment and the environmental pollution caused by waste gas can not be ignored. The drying chamber (also known as curing furnace) of coating production line can be roughly divided into two types after pretreatment and cleaning. (2) Coating (after spraying) drying chamber. The purpose and function of the two are completely different. First of all, moisture volatilizes to make the wet workpiece become a dry one. The latter allows the paint to dry and is heated to cure temperature. The curing mechanism of coatings can be divided into volatilization drying, oxidative polymerization, catalyst curing and thermal curing (drying). The curing mechanism of coatings can be divided into volatile drying, oxidative polymerization, catalytic curing and short drying time thermal curing. The drying chamber is called forced drying chamber. The curing film of thermosetting coating is a necessary condition, which depends on the temperature and time of thermosetting resin chemical reaction, such as 140-20 minutes. According to the main use of drying chamber, the heating method, heat source, production method and furnace type are classified
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